5 Stars Loyalty Program


    To Add points to your Fivestars account, add a message to your order during checkout! Simply say, "Add my points" and include your Fivestars phone number. We will add your points and send you a follow-up email that we have added them!

   To Redeem points from your Fivestars account, do not add the item you wish to redeem!!! Just add a message of what you wish to redeem to your order during checkout! Simply say, "Redeem points for" and include the item you wish to redeem.

  • Please make sure that if you are redeeming coils you state the full name of the coil and brand and ohm you would like.
  • If you are redeeming for juice, write if you would like HVG or Regular juice, the name of the e-liquid, the size you would like to redeem and the nic level. We will do the rest.

If you need more information on how many points you have or to see what our rewards are, please CLICK HERE

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