Fivestars Program


    To Add points to your Fivestars account, add a message to your order during checkout! Just type, "Add my points" and include your Fivestars phone number in the comments area in Step 5 of checkout. We will add your points and send you a follow-up email that we have added them!

   To Redeem points from your Fivestars account, do not add the item you wish to redeem!!! Just type a message in the comments area in Step 5 of checkout that says what you want to redeem with your points! Please type, "Redeem points for" and include the item you wish to redeem.

  • Please make sure that if you are redeeming coils you state the full name of the coil and brand and ohm you would like.  

        Example: "I would like to redeem 180 points for Melo Tank Replacement Coils in 0.5ohm"

  • If you are redeeming for juice, write if you would like HVG or Regular juice, the name of the e-liquid, the size you would like to redeem and the nic level. We will do the rest.  

        Example: "I would like to redeem 125 points for 1 30ml bottle of HVG Unicorn in 4nic"


If you need more information on how many points you have or to see what our rewards are, please CLICK HERE

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