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We are switching to Lonestar shipping due to new Texas laws regarding the shipment of Vapor products. Delivery of your package will require a photo ID and a signature. Unfortunately, shipping will only be limited to customers in Texas and will raise our shipping prices. 

Violet Vapor is still committed to taking care of it's customers.


BUY in BULK and STILL get FREE shipping!


  • Spend $100 and receive FREE SHIPPING!*

  • Spend $50 you pay $12.50 - we'll pay $12.50!*

  • New shipping rates $25 per package.*

  *up to 10 pounds


For more information on why this is happening, please click here.


 We really hate legalese, so we'll try to keep this straightforward for you!


 If you place an order on our site, you agree to pay us via whatever method you select. So, y'know, we can keep the lights on. Order cancellation is at our discretion. So, if you want to cancel an order and it's already been shipped, we can't really do much there, you know? I mean, what can we do, track down the post office official with the package? This ain't a movie, and Liam Neeson doesn't work for us, we can't really do that.

 We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason. We don't really ever do that, but this is the kind of thing we have to have in this document for that one jerk that ruins it for everyone. Probably the same person who got hair dryers the sticker that says "DO NOT USE IN THE SHOWER". That person really sucks.

Sales Tax

 You have to pay it, we have to pay it. Easy peasy. If you have an actual tax exemption ID hit us up and we'll try to figure that out. "I don't want to pay taxes" does not constitute a valid tax exemption, and we're not going to fight the IRS for you. Those guys are scary. What's nifty is that under current law, if you live outside the state of Texas, we're not required to charge you sales tax! Yay! (Sorry fellow Texans!)

Product Availability

 So, we're human. Our entire company is staffed and run by humans. Sometimes, we make mistakes. Even if a product is listed in stock, it may not be available, and we can't guarantee availability under any circumstances. Also, our stock shown is what we have available for online orders only and does not reflect what we have available in our stores. If you are looking for a particular item and you don't want to wait for the mail, please call the store before you drive over to get it. 

 We reserve the right to change, and/or discontinue any products or orders at any time. This is legalese that basically boils down to we may make a human error in a stock count. We may not have one left of that fancy new product, it may actually be zero, and we may discover that when we try to fill your order. Good news is, we love making things right, and we'll do everything we can to make it right for you :)


 All orders placed on our site are mailed within 2 business days. If you place your order on our site Monday through Friday before Noon, it will most likely be mailed the same day. Orders placed after 12 on Friday and all orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will go out with our mail Monday afternoon. If you have questions about your tracking number or when your package will ship, head on over to the contact us page and ask us!


 Due to it being illegal to ship vape items via USPS, we are only able to accept returns if you visit one of our store locations.

 We warranty all products for thirty (30) days after purchase through After this period, most products also come with a manufacturers warranty. Your packaging likely has warranty information in it, please keep that information! We can't accept any returns on opened (broken seal) e-liquid or anything that touches your mouth. That's just a safety issue at that point. Once the shrink wrap/seal/etc. has been opened on any e-liquid or mouth-touching product, we can't take it back. If you ship it to us, we'll be forced to put on some gloves and ship it right back to you. We can't accept warranties or returns on anything with user damage; for example, if a device has been dropped, we can't accept that product back.

 If a product is in good condition, and is judged by us to be defective and you're within your warranty period, we can swap the device for another of the same product. In the event we don't have another of the same product, we can swap the device for a product of equal or lesser value.

 New, UNOPENED, UNUSED, products may be returned for a refund.


With that out of the way, we really do try to take care of you guys. If you're unsure where you fit in to the above, just talk to us! Use our contact form (link here). You can also email us at if you don't want to fill out our contact us form. Someone will be in touch with you within 1-2 business days.

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